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Mask Display

Cancellation Update!!

We are having to cancel this event unfortunately due to not having access to the new Covid Vaccine! Please stay tuned for Vaccine Awareness Event Updates!

Vaccine Awareness Flyer.png
Mobile Phone Mock-ups

When you need some Disability info, who ya gonna call?! Call D.I.A.L.!!!

Change of Date Notice!!

We are having to move this class from September 4th, to September 14th as we are closed for Labor Day on Sept. 4th. Sorry for any inconvenience but we really hope to see everyone there!!

Happy Civic Health Month

Did you know that August is Civic Health Month. This is a nationwide celebration  held each August to showcase the link between voting and health. It is to celebrate the efforts that ensure each and every voter's opportunity to support their community's health at the Ballot Box and the strengthening relationship between health care, health communities, and civic participation. 

The Center's Summer Newsletter

Below is the Center's Summer Newsletter. To assess the Newsletter, please click on the picture below. 

The Center's new Calendar

Check out the Center's new calendars. Click on the calendar below or the Tab labeled Center's Calendar to view what we have coming up as well as stay learn more about the events. 

Public Health Nutrition Class

Are you lactose intolerant or have Diabetes? If so you do not want to miss our nutrition class on August 21st at 1 pm Located at Northwest Georgia Housing Authority's Envision Center located at 1 Brookwood Avenue Rome, GA 30165. Erna will be making 5 ingredient Chocolate- Peanutbutter Icecream Sandwich. If you can not make it in person, do not worry, it will be live through Zoom and uploaded to our YouTube. 

Employability Class

Do you have a disability and struggling to get a job? Do you know what advocacy is and how to advocate your needs when getting a job? Join our Employability Class and we can help you learn how to get a job. We also teach you about what is required by law due to the ADA act, when it comes to accommodations to a job. 

Milestone Transition Class.

You or someone you know transitioning out of Middle, High School or Collage and do not know the resources and services that are available to you? Well Come join our Milestone Transition class. It is very second Friday of the month from 1- 2 pm.  

HAPPY 33rd Anniversary of the ADA

Join us as we celebrate the ADA's 33rd Anniversary.


Yay, for the ADA!  The 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act is on July 26th.  We are celebrating early since NWGA CIL staff will be in Washington DC advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.  Our staff will begin to “drop rocks” during the month of July and give clues about where to find the colorful rocks, and we’ll end with refreshments at the 
NWGA Center for Independent Living at our Open House.  Please join us on July 12th with “Rocking the ADA” at NWGA CIL at 527 Broad Street Suite 101 in beautiful Rome, GA.  706-314-0008 if you have questions.  See you there!

Senior Hunger Box

Are you 60 or older and have a disability? Come by or call our center to get your senior hunger box. Items may vary.

Senior Hunger Box (1).png

Up Coming Classes

We have tons of classes coming up please check out the Event page to see all of our upcoming classes and to get more information. 

About Jodi

Our Executive Director Christina Holtzclaw with the center's friend Jodi. Jodi is our center's giraffe who is working hard to create our children's lab and safari lobby area. 

We hope everyone is having a great Monday!

# Braille Literacy

American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness App

The American Red Cross has rebuilt its all-inclusive, accessible Emergency App which provides alerts and preparedness information about various disasters. The app is available in both English and Spanish with a new and easy-to-find language toggle. Download the Free Red Cross Emergency app, search: "American Red Cross" in the app stores or click the links below.

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