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Independent Living Skills

People with disabilities sometimes need to develop the necessary skills to live independently. We offer training in areas such as money management, job readiness, and personal resource management.
NWGA Center for Independent Living (NWGACIL) offers independent living skills training to people of all ages with all types of disabilities. We also offer IL community courses to help people with disabilities, their families, friends, caregivers, and people who work with or care about people with disabilities. Group training or courses can also be arranged. Please call us if you would like more information or to schedule training.

IL Skills Training:

​AVAILABLE TO: People with disabilities who are consumers of NWGACIL.

Mentors and instructors:

NWGACIL Peer Mentors who are certified peer supporters and graduates of Georgia voices that count advocacy training. All have personal experience with the skills needed to live independently. 

Registration Fees & Deadlines:

Registration is free. Appointments must be scheduled in advance with the NWGACIL staff

 Skills Training:

Attendant management 

·       To self-direct or not

·       Hiring, training, supervising, and firing an attendant

·       Working as a team with your attendant

·       Safety considerations


Getting from Here to There

·       Locating transportation

·       Learning to use public transportation


Job Readiness

·       How to look for a job

·       To disclose or not to disclose

·       The ADA and job accommodations

·       How to keep a job


Living at Home With a Disability

·       Making your home accessible

·       Managing household tasks

·       Recognizing and handling emergencies

·       Educating others in the home

·       Educating yourself


Money Management

·       Budgeting

·       Cash flow

·       Benefits and working



·       Food groups

·       Understanding labels

·       Portion control


Resource Management

·       Resources available

·       Organizing resources

·       Contacting and working with resources etc.


Self-Advocacy and Empowerment

·       Learning to speak up for yourself


Community Courses: 

AVAILABLE TO: People with disabilities who are consumers of NWGACIL. Courses are also open to their family, friends, caregivers, supporters, and members of the community who work with or serve people with disabilities.

Mentors and instructors:

NWGACIL Staff or local instructors in the community who have specialized knowledge or certifications in their field.​

Community Courses:

Adaptive Yoga

·       Breathing techniques

·       Visualization

·       Relaxation

·       Poses and moves to increase strength, balance, and flexibility


Apps for Accessibility

·       Smartphones, tablets


Braille Grade I

·       Alphabet, numbers, and punctuation


Braille Grade II

·       Contractions


Computer Skills I

·       How to get around a computer


Computer Skills II

·       Email and internet


Dragon NaturallySpeaking (speech-to-text software)

·       Word, Outlook, Internet

JAWS (screen reading software)

·       Word, Outlook, Internet


Sign Language

·       ASL

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