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Community Support Navigator

527 Broad Street suite 101, Rome, GA, USA

Job Type

Temporary to full-time

About the Role

Job duties include but are not limited to:
• Develop, publicize, and instruct public health classes to be taught in the Center’s 15 county service area.
• Develop and instruct classes related to public health, wellness, and COVID education. Assist with materials, media to be
distributed and distribution of the materials.
• Assists the Community Transition Specialist. Outreach to nursing facilities and institution residents to educate them of
their public heath choices and opportunities. Meet with potential and current referrals pertaining to public health needs,
I&R’s and consumers who need transitioning services regarding public health issues/education.
• Assist consumers in creating a plan of action that will allow them to successfully lead life outside of the facility in aspects of
public health topics.
• Advocate with consumers with long COVID, housing needs and public health related issues in securing necessary paperwork
such as birth certificate, ID Cards, SS card, etc.
• Assist consumers with acquiring and completing necessary paperwork within NWGA CIL control for all appropriate
• Coordinate all necessary steps of transition with all agencies and organizations involved as pertaining to public health,
housing etc.
• Work with consumers to acquire appropriate and necessary equipment and assistive technology, such as wheelchairs,
ramps, hospital beds, furnishings, etc. That would assist in maintaining a clean healthy environment.
• Work closely and respectfully with other NWGA CIL staff members to find resources and solutions to at risk COVID/NHT
• Advocate for more accessible and affordable housing, waivers, transportation options, and any other systems resources
that would assist individuals to transition back into the community and going to their doctor’s appointments.
• Prepare reports, forms and documentation as required by NWGA CIL and funding sources.
• Assist with projects/other as assigned by the Executive Director.


• Bachelor’s Degree in the field of study relevant to the provision of Independent Living Services/Public Health or at least

one year of experience in the direct delivery of human services/public health. Personal experience in independent living and/or a personal experience with living with a disability may be substituted for certain education or work


• Working knowledge of computers and other office equipment.

• Knowledge of adaptive equipment/durable medical equipment/aids and knowledge of how to secure same.

• Effective oral and written communications skills.

• Demonstrated capacity to work with diverse populations.

• Ability to travel as job necessitates.

• A working knowledge of public health issues, the Independent Living philosophy, the Americans with Disabilities Act

(ADA), and other disability related laws and regulations.

• Must be internally motivated, take initiative and team oriented.

• Experience with Peer Support preferred.

• Demonstrated knowledge and skills in working in the community and developing partnerships to accomplish common


Preferred Skills

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