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Peer Mentoring:
Support and Instruction from Someone Who Has “Been There, Done That”

​We offer Peer Mentoring to people with disabilities who want support as they work towards achieving their chosen goals of independent living.  We have trained Peer Mentors on staff who would be happy to work with you. Peer Mentoring matches consumers with one of these trained Peer Mentors on staff who can provide support and instruction to our consumers based on their personal experiences of living with a disability.

Our Peer Mentors are people with disabilities who have lived through many situations that others with disabilities encounter in their lives. This core service often intersects with our other services, such as Advocacy or IL Skills training, as the process of Peer Mentoring frequently involves the consumer learning to be a self-advocate or learning skills from their Peer Mentor on ways to navigate life as an individual with a disability. We have staff members who have disabilities related to vision loss, hearing loss, and using a wheelchair as a means of mobility. Even our Peer Mentors are continually learning new things about living with disabilities, so there’s always something new to pass on to our consumers!

​If you would like more information on our Peer Mentoring program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 706-314-0008
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