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Mobile Applications

Mobile devices are more and more prevalent as each day passes. These tools–smartphones, tablets, etc.–help to make our lives easier in many ways, regardless of our daily challenges. For individuals with disabilities, mobile devices bring a new category of assistive technology through mobile applications. From something as simple as a screen reader to something as complex as TapTapSee–an app that lets you take a picture of an object and tells you what it is–there are a growing number of mobile applications to fit a variety of needs. Below are mobile applications that we hope you will find useful in your life. In addition to the applications listed here, you can also consult the Tools for Life.


  • Entries are for informational purposes only.

  • The inclusion of an app does not constitute approval, endorsement, recommendation, or support by the Northwest Georgia Center for Independent Living.

  • Northwest Georgia Center for Independent Living shall not be liable for any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses fines, and penalties, arising out of any actual or alleged injury, loss, or damage of any nature whatsoever in connection with the use of any app listed on this site.

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