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Success Stories of 2022

August 2022
Assistive Tools and Technology

V.R. was a 57-year-old from Floyd County and had both knees torn. She came to the center and advocated her need for a Rollator. After she received the Rollator, she had this to say, "NWGA CIL is a blessing to me because I am more independent in my community. I can do household chores like cooking, laundry, loading the dishwasher, and watching TV with my family. With the assistance of the rollator, I can go out in my community like the Famer's market, shopping with family, a my doctor's appointments. I feel the rollator helps me more with balance than a regular walker without the wheels. The rollator lets you walk normally compared to a regular walker where you have to take small steps."

September 2022
Home Modification 

D.L . was a 63-year-old from Catoosa County and had Emphysema, COPD, and Diabetes. D.L. called the center needing a wheelchair ramp to be able to get out into the community. We helped D.L. find someone willing and able to build the ramp through peer support.  We (NWGACIL) were able to provide the materials needed to build his ramp. When asked about his experience, D.L. had this to say, "Once the ramp was complete, I went down the ramp and the street. Then back up the ramp and then back down several times. I feel FREE."  

October 2022
Assistive Tools and Technology

L.J., from Bartow County, has Transverse Myelitis. L.J. came into our center needing help getting an item that would help him be more mobile and safe. Emily Smith, one of our IL Coordinators, talked to L.J. He advocated the need for a wheelchair and/or rollator. He stated that they would help him be more mobile. We were able to get him both and added a cushion due to our knowledge of his disability. When asked if these items are working well, He said, "When I came in, I had lower back and leg pain. It was difficult for me to get around due to only having arm crutches. But, thanks to NWGACIL getting me a Rollator and a wheelchair, I was able to be more Independently mobile. When I get tired and can't move my legs I use my wheelchair. On good days when I can get around but need a little assistance, I use my rollator. Due to this, I get to go out with my family without the worry of pain in my lower back or legs."

November 2022
Home Modification

R.R. was a 92-year-old from Pickens County who suffered from Arthritis. R.R. called and advocated for his need for a ramp/walkway to be able to get out into the community and to his appointments. Several Months passed before R.R. was able to find someone to complete the ramp/walkway he needed. Once he had found a qualified person to build the ramp, we provided the materials promptly. When asked about how having the ramp made him feel, R.R. stated the following, "Felt Like freedom for the first time in a while... Opened up a whole new world." 

December 2022
Nursing Home Transition

L.H. was a 62-year-old from Polk County who was referred by Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to one of our coordinators. L.A. advocated their need for a grabber, shower chair, Grab bars, jar opener, and Home Health resources. We were able to get her everything she advocated for. Due to this, she was discharged from the hospital. When asked how the equipment has helped her, L.H. stated, "This is the first time I have been through this and it is working well. The grab bars and shower chairs are helping a lot. The Process to get everything was quick but easy. I would recommend anyone to y'all. Y'all do a great job! How y'all work surprised me, though it would take longer and be more complicated."

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