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Volunteer Opportunities

Anyone wishing to volunteer at the center MUST  complete a volunteer application and sign a confidentiality agreement.  Then,  the application must be reviewed and approved by the assistant and executive director.  Then,  management will agree to the schedule of when the volunteer is inside our building or events.  

Do you have a significant disability?
Would you like to consider becoming an active member of our Board of Directors? (Click on Board Application)

Board Application 

To apply for a volunteer position on our board, please do one of the following: click the file above and follow the instructions on the first page, email us at, or contact one of our board members or our Executive Director, Christina Holtzclaw at 706.314.0008

Registration Fees & Deadlines:

Registration fees are $20 per course, or 16 hours of volunteer services at a 501(c)3 non-profit of your choice by you, or a family member or friend on your behalf. In addition, there may be an instructor's fee and or materials needed to be purchased associated with the course.

Registration and any other fees and or proof of volunteer service must be received within 3 business days before the beginning of the course.

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