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Success Stories

July  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

C.S. is a lady who is diabetic. She came to us requesting help with grab bars and a shower chair. We just happened to have a transfer chair here at our center so she picked up the transfer chair that day to which she was delighted. She said, "This chair would help to ensure her safety in the shower." She loves her showers so she is so grateful for the help in getting this chair and looks forward to when her grab bars can be ordered. We also helped her with a ramp. Thanks, Ms. C.S. for allowing us to help you!

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May  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

Maribel and Katie were able to get this sweet couple, B and D, a shower chair for
their rather small bathroom. B says “It will keep me from falling in the shower”, which will
keep her out of a nursing home. B recently just got out of the hospital for a stroke and both
of them are so happy to have her home. The couple also received our Ready Bags, Senior Hunger
Boxes, and Covid Tests.

B & D. Smith.jpg

May  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

A consumer, J.T.,  is an 81-year-old female who lives in Walker County and her primary disability is Congestive Heart Failure. J.T.’s Occupational Therapist referred her to NWGACIL to get some Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to assist her in getting off the toilet safely because she has a low toilet and she has a hard time getting off it without falling. She was unable to have a shower bench because there was no room for the tub and toilet. Before we were able to assist with some type of DME, J.T. said, “I was afraid to take a shower because I had no safe way to get out of the tub; I was afraid that I would fall while getting out of the tub.” After we were able to get her a grab bar that was attached to her tub, J.T. said, “I was not afraid of falling while taking a shower or getting off the toilet.”


June  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

G.W. is a 55-year-old resident of Floyd County, GA. She had previously received some services from our center and wanted to know if we could help her get a manual wheelchair with footrests. We were able to help her and when it was delivered to her, she was “very happy, full of joy and thankful”


May  2023
Emergency Preparedness 

Katie, Emily, and Katie had gone to the splash event in Whitfield County (Dalton, GA). That is where
we had set our table up with our brochures, COVID-19 tests, and our ready bags. F was walking
by our table and became interested in our
organization. She had mentioned that she never heard of us before. Katie and Maribel helped her with
some more information about what our organization does and offers. But, after hearing everything F decided to take
home some COVID-19 tests. She had said this can help her be safe and preventative since she
can easily get sick. We have a picture of her with the COVID-19 exams.

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April  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

P. is a 77-year-old woman discharged from the hospital, and needed Assistive Technology. She was a Nursing Home Transition (NHT)  through the center. The Assistive Technologies she needed was a set of grab bars, a shower bench, and a toilet seat. When we followed up with her about how the equipment helped her since returning home, she said, "I am grateful for everything, and it has helped a lot."

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