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Success Stories

Using Sign Language

July  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

  Meet Ms. Charmaine Smith from Floyd County, a sweet woman who is diabetic; she came to us requesting help with grab bars and a shower chair. We just happened to have a transfer chair here at the Center so she picked up the transfer chair today to which she was delighted. She said, "This chair would help to ensure her safety in the shower." She loves her showers so she is so grateful for the help in getting this chair and looks forward to when her grab bars can be ordered. We will also beagle to help her with a ramp in the near future! Thanks, Ms. Charmaine for allowing us to help you!

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May  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

Maribel and Katie were able to get this sweet couple, Beverly and Don, a shower chair for
their rather small bathroom. Beverly says that “It will keep me from falling in the shower”, which will
keep her out of a nursing home. Beverly recently just got out of the hospital for a stroke and both
of them are so happy to have her home. The couple also received our Ready Bags, Senior Hunger
Boxes, and Covid Tests.

B & D. Smith.jpg

May  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

Tonia’s consumer J.T.  is an 81-year-old white female who lives in Walker County and her
primary disability is Congestive Heart Failure. J.T’s Occupational Therapist referred her to
NWGACIL to get some DME to assist her to get off the toilet safely because she has a low toilet
and she has a hard time getting off it without her falling. She was unable to have a shower bench
because there is no room for the tub and toilet. Before we were able to assist with some type of
DME, J.T. said, “I was afraid to take a shower because I had no safe way to get out of the tub
; I was afraid that I would fall while getting out of the tub.” After we were able to get her a
grab bar that was attached to her tub, J.T. said, “I was not afraid of falling while taking a shower or
getting off the toilet.”


April  2023
Senior Hunger Food Box

Below is C. Smith. Last Friday, April 21, 2023, our New Program manager Katie Brown attended the Community Garden Event with the Housing Authority located at their Envision Center off Division Street. While attending, she met C. Smith, or Diane, as she likes to be called. They started talking about the food boxes for our Senior Hunger Food Box"drive". She was very interested and started sharing how she had gone through cancer and a brain aneurysm, she has even found out that she has a growth in her kidney. Well, as they were talking about the boxes, she said it would give her some varied food choices throughout the next few days ( it was the weekend, you know). So we went through what was in the boxes and she was thrilled to receive it. Katie even fought a quote from her, " God always provides. I am whole-heartedly Living with favor!". Afterward, Kathy Baker did the raffle for the $25 gift card, and Diana won that as well! Here is a great picture of Diane, Grinning with her gift card and her food.

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February 2023 
Assistive Tools and Technology

L.A. is a 27-year-old who lives in Polk County and has Cerebral Palsy whose dad called in need of help with her shower chair. 

L.A.'s dad helped Advocate for the mesh cover for the shower chair that is needed for L.A. to shower/ bathe safely. We were able to help L.A. get the mesh for her chair.

When we asked her dad about his experience he stated " After searching 2 years, we found an organization that was able to help us get the mech backing needed to help her stay independent."

L. Arnold new mesh on chair picture.jpg

December 2022
Nursing Home Transition

L.H. is a 62- year-old who lives in Cedartown County. She was referred by  Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to Carressa Hann. L.A. advocated the need for a grabber, shower chair, Grab bars, jar opener, and Home Health resources. We were able to get her everything she advocated for. Due to this, she was discharged from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. 

When asked how the equipment has helped her, L.H. stated " This is the first time I have been through this and it is working well. The grab bars and shower chairs are helping a lot. The Process to get everything was quick but easy. I would recommend anyone to y'all. Y'all do a great job! How y'all work surprised me, though it would take longer and be more complicated."

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October 2022 Assistive Tools and Technology

L.J. lives in Bartow County. He has Transverse Myelitis. L.J. came into our center needing help with getting an item that would help him be more mobile and Safer.

Emily Smith talked to L.J. and he advocated the need for a wheelchair and/or rollator. He advocated that they would work best for him in being more mobile. we were able to get him both and added a cushion due to knowledge of his disability.

When asked if these items are working well, He had this to say "When I came in, I had lower back and leg pain. It was difficult for me to get around due to only having arm crutches, but thanks to them, getting me a rollator and wheelchair, I was able to be more Independently mobile. When I get Tiers and can't move my legs I use my wheelchair. On good days when I can get around but need a little assistance, I use my rollator. Due to this, I get to go out with my family without the worry of pain in my lower back or legs."

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August 2022
Assistive Tools and Technology

V.R. is a 57-year-old who lives in Floyd County and has both knees torn. She came to the center and advocated a need for a rollator. 

After she received the rollator she had this to say. " NWGA CIL is a blessing to me because I am more independent in my community. I can do household chores like cooking, doing laundry, and loading the dishwasher, along with watching tv with my family. With the assistance of the rollator, I can go out in my community like the Famer's market, along with go shopping with Family, and doctor's appointments I feel the rollator helps me more with balance than a regular walker without wheels does. The rollator lets you walk normally compared to a regular walker where you have to take small steps. I feel safer and more secure while I am using the rollator compared to a regular walker."


June  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

G.W. is a 55-year-old resident of Floyd County, GA who had previously received some services from the center and wanted to know if we could help get her a manual wheelchair with footrests. We were able to help her and when it was delivered to her, she was “very happy, full of joy and thankful”


May  2023
Emergency Preparedness 

Katie, Emily, and Katie had gone to the splash event in Whitfield County (Dalton, GA). That is where
we had set our table up with our brochures, COVID tests, and our ready bags. Fabiola was walking
by our table and became interested in our
organization: She had mentioned how she never heard of us before. Katie and Maribel helped her With
some more information about what our organization does and what we offer. This was my first
time being in a fair, so Maribel was Still learning. But after hearing everything she decided to take
home some COVID tests. Fabiola had said this can help her be safe and preventative since she
can easily get sick. We have a picture of her with the COVID exams.

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April  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

Below Is P. Phillips. P. Phillips is a 77-year-old female who was discharged from the hospital on March 19, 2023, and was in need of Assistive Technology. She is a Nursing Home Transition (NHT)  through the center. The Assistive Technology that she needed was a set of grab bars, a shower bench, and a toilet seat. When Carressa Hann did the follow-up with her about how the equipment helped her since returning home she said" I am grateful for Everything, and it has helped a lot". She is a sweet and very kind lady. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 9.08.23 AM.png

March  2023
Assistive Tools and Technology

Below Is T. Hann. He is an 83-year-old wight male who resides in  Bartow County. He served in the military and has a hard time walking on his own due to lower scoliosis, he is also visual/hearing impaired.  T. Hann contacted NWGACIL to ask if we could assist with getting him Assistive Technology.  He stated that the rollator he had was not the right size for him and was having to bend over a lot "It was hurting my back." After receiving the Upright Rollator from NWGACIL, he stated " I can walk straight and it does not hurt my back. I can walk up straight now: the upright rollator is great to help compared to the one I used to use."


January 2023 
Assistive Tools and Technology

D.P. is a 70-year-old veteran who lives in Polk County and has heart disease. He contacted the center and advocated that he has a fear of falling while taking a shower and that due to his wheelchair falling apart he can not get around his house or the community. He advocated for a lightweight manual wheelchair along with 3.24-inch grab bars that he needs to stay safe and out of a facility. After getting the Items needed, D.P. stated the following. "The wheelchair, ramp, and grab bars were exactly what I needed to be independent. I am not afraid to take a shower independently. NWGA CIL was able to assist me with DME to be more independent in my home and community."

Before the RampWalkway (1).png

November 2022
Home Modification

R.R. is a 92-year-old who lives in Pickens County and has Arthritis. RR called and advocated for his need for a ramp/walkway to be able to get out into the community and to his appointments. 

Several Months passed before R.R. was able to find someone to complete the ramp/walkway he needed, but once he had found a qualified person to build the ramp, who moved quickly and build it to move on their other projects, we provided the materials promptly. 

When asked about how having the ramp made him feel, R.R. stated the following. 

" Felt Like freedom for the first time in a while... Opened up a whole new world." 

Before the RampWalkway.png

September 2022
Home Modification 

D.L . is a 63-year-old who lives in Catoosa County and has Emphysema, COPD, and Diabetes. D.L. called the center needing a wheelchair ramp to be able to get out into the community. We helped D.L. to find someone willing and able to build the ramp through peer support.  We (NWGA CIL) were able to provide the materials needed to build his ramp. 

When asked about his experience, D.L. had this to say "Once the ramp was complete, I went down the damp and the street then back up the ramp, then back down and up the ramp several times. I feel FREE."  

Before the RampWalkway (2).png
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