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All these collaborations allow us to inform those with disabilities who utilize them about our core services and other programs so that they may choose to address their goals of independency with us.

July 22, 2023

Latin American Association
Back to School Bash in Dalton GA

We, NWGACIL, are honored to join the Latin American Association which hosted this Back To School Bash in Dalton, GA. Our Assistant Director, Kathy Baker, and  Business Coordinator, Giselle Phillips, worked with CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) to spread awareness of COVID-19 and other vaccinations. Kathy and Giselle also shared information about the Center's resources and services.  We hope to partner up again with both CORE and the Latin American Association. 

July 19, 2023

Northwest Georgia Housing Authority 
Family Strong Day

Our Information and Referral Coordinator Erna Dobbs, Independent Living Coordinator Rebeccah Callahan, and Community Navigator Emily Smith partnered up with Northwest Georgia Housing Authority to share information about our resources and services with those who attended their Family Strong Day. 

July 16-19, 2023

US Aging 2023 
US Aging Conference Salt Lake City

Our Program Manager Katie Duncan and Business Coordinator Giselle Phillips attended the USAging Conference held in Salt Lake City.

During the three days they were there they learned and received new resources and programs for our consumers. They also went through a simulation of what our consumers who have dementia struggle with every day. 

Jun 24, 2023

Our Assistant Director Kathy Baker, Program Manager Katie Duncan, and Business Coordinator Giselle Phillips, partnered up with PFLAGE Rome to have a resource table at Pride Plaza in celebration of Rome Pride 2023. 

PFLAGE Rome 2023 
Rome Pride

May 11, 2023

Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy 
Assistive Technology with 3D Printing

Thanks to Eric Collins, director of Programs at the Rome Floyd Chamber we, the center, were able to connect with Mr. Van Der Horn.  Van Der Horn had talked to Christina, Executive Director of Northwest Georgia Center For Independent Living, and talked about the needs of those with disabilities and some ideas of possible assistive technology. Today, Van Der Horn and his Robotics and Engineering students presented us, at the center, with the four different Assistive Technologies that can assist those who have a visual disability that they had talked about.  


All devices were either designed in 3D Computer-Aided Design software and/or 3D printed by the following students: Hannah Burkhalter (Pepperell High School), Parris Hughbanks (Model High School), Jhudge Williams (Pepperell High School), and Tristen Whittier (Model High School). One of the devices is a braille training device consisting of the entire braille alphabet surrounding its edges and 6 holes for spelling out each letter of the braille alphabet using ping pong balls. Another piece was a 3D-printed Mona Lisa so that individuals with blindness could experience the famous work of art. This was a passion project for Christina Holtzclaw, Executive Director of the NWGA CIL.

May 19, 2023

NAMI 2023 
Let's CHALK About Mental Health

Our Community Navigator, Emily Smith, participated in this year's Let's Talk about mental health. Namie, Day Reporting Center, and her decorated the sidewalks of the broad street from the beginning to 3rd Avenue with encouragement to those who live with mental health challenges. 

May 18, 2023

Floyd County 2023 
We CARE Veterans Fair

We are honored to have been a part of the We CARE Veterans Fair.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve 600+ veterans/veterans families who attended the event. We hope to do this again next year. 

Pictures of the staff and table at the We CARE Veterans Fair 2023.

Pictuer of James C. Wigggins, who served in viatnam, reciving Quilt of Valor.

Picture of Gary Carter receiving Quilt of Valor. He served in the US Army from 1988-1992. He served through the Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Picture's from the Fair. ( Some picture's were taken from City of Rome, GA- Government) 

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