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Public Health

We are proud to have public health as one of our programs. A lot of time public health is overlooked by other needs. Sometimes people do not realize that some of the health needs are of those that have disabilities. That is the way we are so honored to be able to offer the services below. 

Public Health Programs

Below are the services we offer to those with disabilities through our Public Health Program. 


Emergency Ready Bags

Help you be prepared if an emergency happens.


Home Covid-19 Test

You can get up to 2 boxes of covid tests. Each box comes with 4 tests. 


Senior Hunger boxes

Anyone that is 60 or Older with a disability qualifies for the senior closet. What you get is a box is 8 food items that vary.  


Public Health and Wellness

Learn how to take care of your mind and body without letting your disability get in your way. 

Nutrition Class March 27th.png

Public Nutrition

Learn How to make Healthy Food on a tight budget. 

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