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All Our services are FREE!!!


Our Services are FREE and help empower you to meet your goals of independence. 


"Nothing about us without us!"

If you don't make a choice for your self, someone else will. We can help you to express your choices in ways that others will hear and respect you.


We offer you a wealth of knowledge, and can refer you to the right resources that are focused on the needs of people with disabilities. 

We offer you assistance in living in the community of your choice whether you are moving out of a nursing home or you are a youth who is preparing to live in the "real world."


We can provide you with training in areas such as money management, job readiness, apps, and smart technology, wellness and more. 

"Those with support goes a long way."

Many staff are Certified Peer Mentors, and the majority of us have disabilities. We offer you support based on our training and personal experience. 

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When asked by Carressa Hann how will getting out of the nursing home will benefit her T. Foster said " independent living"
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