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Outreaches of 2023


Rockmart High School Job Fair

Emily Smith and Tonia Clayton attended Rockmart High School's Job Fair. While there, they reached out to the 500 students that attended the school. They let the students know about our services and what our center does by sharing some of our success stories with the students. 


Gordon County Senior Center

Quinn Durrant visited the Gordon County Senior Center. While there, the staff welcomed him, and He explained who we are and our services. They were gladly willing to have some of the center's brochures and said that they would like for him to come back and give them a presentation. 


Gordon County Chamber of Commerce

Quinn Durrant visited the Chamber of Commerce and told them about our center. After hearing about the center, they told him he should visit the Volunteer Action Center as well. At the Volunteer Action Center, they gave him a warm welcome and said they would be contacting us to learn more.

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